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Vyapar Suvidha Pvt Ltd (Classic Consultants) provides the necessary solutions for a fabrication industry starting from making the cost sheet based on inquiry, capturing the bill of material from the drawing and issuing indent basis the stock in hand. The software also streamlines the raw material procurement by controlling the heat/batch number for every piece/component and the issue of material based on drawing BOM. Hence, giving a clear view of the profit center/project wise cost involved. The completely integrated database of the software keeps a close watch on the inspection and approval process starting from issuing inspection advice, recording the inspection outcome and the final preparation of the invoice leading to minimization of wastage and optimal management of stock.

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SMS based solutions
We provide SMS based solutions. With the ease of sending and receiving SMS’s via the software, your distributors receive updates within minutes of generating the invoices.
Attendance/Payroll (Biometric)
Integrated with technologies like biometric, IRIS and face recognition, the ERP provides improved attendance records to work towards effective salary and wage calculations.
Business Intelligence Tool (BI Tools)
With our ERP in place, data can be directly accessed by the users via BI tools like Power BI, Qlik View, Tableau etc. This can be obtained in various combinations, formats and designs to suit your needs.
Our ERP can be hosted on any cloud platform, which results in increased flexibility, and expanded collaboration opportunities. Cloud services are synonymous with data recovery in case of disasters, as well as a secure platform to save your valuable information. Additionally, they have caused a shift from on premise data, which has resulted in substantial savings on infrastructure costs.

We are one of the oldest businesses in India that provide modern business solutions.

Starting with Thums Up as our client in 1987 to working for 150+ Coca-Cola owned plants, depots and 120+ franchise owned Coca-Cola bottlers and depots in the beverage industry. From a single tea plantation as a client in 1986 to 45 tea plantations in 2020, our client growth trajectory speaks for itself. Our software, our unmatched domain expertise, a near-perfect success rate and almost four decades of experience stands tall as proof of our unmatched performance. We have evolved with the changing times to adapt to the latest technology while implementing the latest methods to improvise on business processes.


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